What is included in my support contract?


One Stop For Support

Your staff is busy educating the future of your community. We have created a one stop source for all support needs. Let us handle the vendors while you educate the students. It allows your staff to focus on what they know best while we focus on doing what we do best – Support.

Unlimited Support

Under the contract, you are granted unlimited technical support requests within your dated contract. Contact us via email, website, and phone – an expert will reach out with a case number and begin working a solution immediately.

Extended Warranty Support 

Most equipment has a one-year limited warranty.  What happens after the first year? We fill that void by providing limited warranty extension. If needed, non-working equipment can be swapped with working equipment to reduce the time you are without working equipment.

Academic Integration

Not sure how your class or subject can be used in the lab? Let us help! Our team can help your educators integrate their projects and courses into the fab lab. If you teach it, we can integrate it.

Knowledge Is Power

Our team of experts created documentation, videos and troubleshooting tips to fill the gaps of inexperience working with fab lab equipment.

Never Alone

You are never alone when you are with us. We will always be there to help you find your way through the fab lab experience. Our support team will follow up constantly and update you when necessary with tips, tricks and troubleshooting.