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  • Provides educational curriculum to prepare students for career success.
  • K-12 STEAM program aligns with Common Core and other state standards.
  • Combines design process with technology, emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, collaboration and effective communication.
  • Hundreds of lessons, modules, and units to choose from.
  • Each complete with research materials, worksheets, needed files, etc.
  • Can integrate into existing courses, or can be used as stand-alone courses.
  • Engages not just engineering courses, but art, math, science, etc.
  • Reduces schools need to pay for curriculum development.
  • Quickly integrates staff into use of the fab lab.
  • Up to 71% of students agreed that their understanding of technology and the ability to solve technical and design challenges significantly improved after completing the programs. (Assessment by Carnegie Mellon University 2016)
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