What give you the information and details that make your grant applications, budgeting and presentations easy and well-prepared. Many of the schools we have worked with have won their funding based on the project layout, descriptions and backup materials that we have provided.

Our relationships with administrators, teachers, and IT/Media managers has given us an education in funding; you can lean on our knowledge as you move through the process of developing your Makerspace.

We’ve created this page with information on COVID funding, the CARES act, and other funding sources that school districts may find helpful. 


Approval Process – Simple and fast same day approval.

Flexible payment options – The payment is tailored to suit the needs of each agency. Options are annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly payment intervals.

Nothing down – For the majority of the financing plans, there is no down payment or security deposit required.

Learn how National Cooperative Leasing (NCL) can help you! NCL is an independently owned company, providing financing solutions for government and educational agencies throughout the nation.

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