Goal Setting

Every project we do begins with an assessment of the school, the grade, the needs and the end result. Each age group deserves its own way of looking at a makerspace, and each community has a different way to use the space before, during and after class time.

Designing a space that allows for collaboration and leader input helps outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Clarify learning outcomes
  • Determine mission and vision
  • Metrics tracking
  • Operational planning for the space
  • Helps inform the equipment selection and space design
  • Guides customer through essential elements of a successful makerspace
  • Guides them through equipment selection process
  • Delivers a detailed report covering their vision and plan for the space
  • Intake process (for measurements, photos of space, gather logos and colors)
  • Space design
  • Preparation for how to integrate partners and sustainability planning, community engagement
PHabLAB Goal setting emph
A room with a view, and enough 3D printers to accommodate art, science, history and math classes.
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