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Leverage NASA Resources In Your Makerspace

Educators are always looking for interesting projects and activities of interest to young people that they can integrate into their programs, however, creating high quality content is a lot of work. I want to tell you about an outstanding resource you can utilize in a variety of ways, either in academics or after school programs.

NASA has a dedicated staff devoted solely to providing educational resources, many of which can be easily adapted into Makerspaces as a project or learning opportunity.

Here are some of my favorites:

NASA Engineering Design Challenges

These are engineering challenges based on problems that NASA is currently working on. They include complete documentation on how to lead the lesson, materials required, videos and other supporting documentation, as well as what NGSS standards they meet.

I want an astronaut to talk to my class

Yes, you can possibly arrange that, fill out the request form and if available you can have a NASA astronaut visit your class via Skype.

Classroom combos – grades 9-12

Classroom combos – grades 5-8

Classroom combos – grades K-4

These are educational resources & lesson plans related to space travel and many are easily adapted to a Makerspace.

NASA STEM engagement is where you can search a variety of resources.

Space exploration is a great way to engage your students in STEM activities, and NASA provides a wonderful library of FREE resources for educators that are very well done and give you the tools to deliver great experiences.

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