PHabLAB has a selection of robust and education-minded products to design into our plans. We have curated a selection of equipment and software that is made for education and backed by major manufacturers for high quality assurance. Our equipment is selected to be a foundational entry point into 21st century learning. We are continually improving and adding to the equipment offering so check back frequently for new products. We also have the ability to provide equipment not listed here. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and requests.


We offer full design and Packages to make your Makerspace an inviting and creative space for students.

Floor plan of Middle School FabLab


Fill your space with durable, well designed furniture to serve the needs of a Fab Lab that gets well used.

Collaboration Equipment

Select from our Logitech® line of items to make your space perfect for teamwork, and compatible with pieces within the space.

3D Printing

Our Dremel® printers offered with complete packages or single units, plus supplies.

FSLaser in use

Laser Cutting

We offer a line of Full Spectrum Laser™ equipment with the filters, fan and supplies for classroom use.

Tormach training


From desktop to large training CNC units, we can supply Tormach® equipment to fit your needs

Group of Business People Meeting About Teamwork

Vinyl Cutting

A selection of equipment from small desktop units to larger floor standing models.

Sparkfun Kit Cover

Coding & Kits

Sparkfun kits with bundles for elementary, middle school and high school students.

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