Scope of Project:

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Develop a Fab Lab/Makerspace that allows for hands-on learning in a fun space with components such as 3D printers, laser engravers, desktop CNC’s and a collaborative whiteboard; along with drawing software and curriculum programs. The Fab Lab/Makerspace is not only for the student’s education, learning and job skills. It is also about becoming a part of the culture of the Badger community and allowing opportunities for the public to utilize the space.

"Students can benefit from this greatly through developing innovative and entrepreneurial skills, collaboration, problem solving, and other 21st century skills."
Russ Tronsen


Funding – Palmer Hamilton collaborated with Badger High School in Lake Geneva, WI. The goal was to design and develop an affordable ongoing sustainable fab lab. The Badger Team was very excited to partner with Palmer Hamilton. It allowed them to gain confidence in a true long term partnership for student success.
"Palmer Hamilton makes it easy for a school to plan, source and implement a PHabLAB from the ground up. They also provide the curriculum pieces that can be integrated in various content areas. The flexibility of the space allows for us to create collaborative areas on demand."
Russ Tronsen


The PHabLAB is available to the school community at large. It can be accessed simply by going to the Library/LMC. It is a space that invites collaboration where the focus is on ideas,
on passion, and on sharing knowledge – and everyone is eager to share. It is managed by a staff member who has a passion for STEM learning. Innovation happens where passionate students are exposed to other passionate students and their ideas, processes, and expertise.
Badger makes that possible because of spaces like its PHabLAB.

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